Building our Freedom

Spain is a state; this is why those who advocate for its continuity act to protect it. There is nothing extraordinary in this behaviour.
We have seen the Spanish Constitutional Court acting in defence of the unity of Spain, denying at the same time the existence of the Catalan nation. Even more recently the Spanish Supreme Court has acted with this intentionality in mind, dictating sentences of a clear political content concerning the usage of Catalan at school. Meanwhile the Spanish media have also placed themselves at the forefront when it comes to defend the unity of the state.
All three powers; legislative, executive and judiciary together with the fourth power, the press have understood perfectly that Catalonia walks with firm step towards independence. But it seems that only we Catalans recognize this fact.
We have seen clearly how the demonstration against the ruling of the Constitutional Court on the Estatut, despite being a massive proof of the will of the Catalan people, has not had any repercussions in rest of the Spanish state. Was it necessary? No doubt it was, but demonstrations alone will not lead us anywhere. Madrid laughs at our fussing, the day after the Catalan MPs where back to business negotiating the state budget, everything returned to normality.
That is why our project, the Independence of Catalonia, must have positive foundations, not reactive, because only a national project, not a party project answers to the needs that now position Catalonia in a way of no return in its history. We either walk towards freedom or to the complete disappearance as a people. Independents or residuals? Asks the president Pujol, we must answer despite the response is obvious. We do not want to destroy, blow up nor harm anything or anyone; we want to proclaim our right to exist as Catalans, to hold as such a sovereign organization that makes us a normal people in the world.
Inaction is not in the character of Reagrupament Independentista. That is why we want to participate in the upcoming Spanish elections, because we are at the service of a people, not of our personal interests.

(Translated by JSG)