Our friends around the World

Catalans al món: Un projecte per muntar una xarxa mundial de pàgines web per a posar en contacte els catalans que viuen per tot el món, de manera ràpida, eficient i gratuita. Syniadau: Ideas for building an independent Wales Catalans Abroad: a Catalan’s network that are living in differents countries and who have decided to put their energies and skills in order to achiveve the independence of Catalonia
HelpCatalonia: Denouncing the silent war Spain is waging against Catalonia
CatDem: Fundació Catalanista i Demócrata News Catalonia: News about Catalonia and the Catalans who live there, translated into English from various sources
Assemblea Nacional de Catalunya. Foreign Assemblies Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia A global organization devoted to promote Catalan business