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European Citizens’ Initiatives : Open Initiatives

Consolidated version of the treaty on the functioning of the European Union (en_30.3.2010)

Official journal of the European Union c 83/47

Article 24 (ex Article 21 TEC)

  • The European Parliament and the Council, acting by means of regulations in accordance with the ordinary legislative procedure, shall adopt the provisions for the procedures and conditions required for a citizens’ initiative within the meaning of Article 11 of the Treaty on European Union, including the minimum number of Member States from which such citizens must come.
  • Every citizen of the Union shall have the right to petition the European Parliament in accordance with Article 227.
  • Every citizen of the Union may apply to the Ombudsman established in accordance with Article 228.

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EUR-Lex Consolidated version of the treaty on the functioning of the european union en 30.3.2010 (see Article 24)

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European Parliament resolution of 7 May 2009 requesting the Commission to submit a proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the implementation of the citizens” initiative

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