Author: Joan Carretero. President, Reagrupament Independentista (RCAT)

Source: LA VEU, n. 15 (May, 2o12), Editorial.

After the result of the last presidential elections in France, which will surely be a turning point in the proceedings of the latest economical measures in Europe, I would like to put special emphasis, once again, on what makes the French citizens so special. The French Republic,which originated from a real revolution, has become the best citizen factory.


The vast majority of these citizens are conscious of their rights and duties.

On the 6th May, in a second round of elections, more than 82% of voters went to the polling station to choose their future president, even though a large amount of them didn’t normally vote for either of the candidates.

This is due to the republican educational system —which, different from the Spanish one, doesn’t vary from one government to  another.
Other assets that the French have are the public citizen assistance, a well educated civil service with promotion and prestige and a hard-working political class that has to be a tough competitor with policies that attract local voters.

Citizens know, as they verify day after day, that the republic guarantees their fundamental rights  but at the same time they are aware that they cannot get away from their responsibilities as citizens.

The French Republic is not paradise, not at all, as no human society is. However, I think that Catalans, Catalan nationalism aside, should take a bit more note of it.

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