Iran Today · Pro-independence Catalans hold gathering ahead of vote


Pro-independence activists from Catalonia have joined a large gathering in Barcelona ahead of an upcoming symbolic referendum on the autonomous region’s separation from Spain.

On Friday, thousands of people convened at the National Museum of Catalonia in a gathering organized by the region’s National Assembly (ANC) and the Omnium Cultural civil society association, Press TV reported.

The museum was illuminated with the colors of the Catalan flag during the gathering ahead of the non-binding referendum, which is slated to be held on November 9.

Catalan voters remain undaunted despite warnings from Madrid, which has banned the use of public resources for the plebiscite on independence.
On November 4, Spain’s Constitutional Court ordered the Catalan government to suspend the vote, but Catalan officials have vowed to go ahead with the vote as scheduled.

Catalans maintain that the referendum, which they call a “citizen participation process,” is legal.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy argues that Catalonia’s independence bid disrespects “democratic conditions.” […]

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