Scottish unionist MP leads the international committee monitoring the Catalan independence vote


‘Before being a Unionist, before being a Conservative, I am a democrat’ Ian Duncan argues

A Scottish unionist politician, MEP Ian Duncan, will lead the international observers’ delegation responsible for monitoring Sunday’s independence vote. Duncan is member of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group for the British Conservative party, led by British PM David Cameron. In a text published in his blog, entitled ‘Why is a unionist in Catalonia?’, he explains why he accepted the assignment.

‘I suppose it comes frown to a simple fact: before being a Unionist, before being a Conservative, I am a democrat. I believe that the right to vote is one of the most fundamental and precious rights we enjoy. There is nothing more frustrating or dispiriting than encountering on the doorstep an individual who isn’t going to vote, or who believes that their vote doesn’t matter. I believe voting makes a difference. I believe people are sovereign. Vox populi, vox Dei.’

At least two more MEPs, Jill Evans (MEP for Plaid Cymru – Party of Wales) and Mark Demesmaeker (MEP for Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie), will be in the delegation. As Duncan himself explains: ‘In my delegation there are MEPs from across the political spectrum, some of whom are separatists in their own lands, and some, like me, are not. But we are all united in a belief in the democratic process.’

He also explains the objective of this international mission: ‘Our job is to bear witness to the process, to make sure insofar as we can that the ballot is being conducted to the highest  democratic standards. Throughout the day we will be travelling from ballot station to ballot station to inquire into the voting procedures.’

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