Zee News India · Army of volunteers canvasses for Catalan independence


Knocking on neighbours` doors in central Barcelona, 46-year-old engineer Jaime Gutierrez and retiree Toni Vinas, 74, are out canvassing their fellow Catalans to vote Yes to independence from Spain.

Going door to door in the neighbourhood around the city`s Sagrada Familia Cathedral, they are just two in an army of volunteers mobilised for the ballots in the Catalonia region on Sunday in defiance of legal challenges by Madrid.

Gutierrez has always been in favour of independence. Now he is channelling that yearning as a member of the Catalonia National Assembly (ANC), the northeastern region`s most powerful separatist lobby.

“We have to all get out on polling day, queue at the voting stations and show that we will not give up,” says Gutierrez.

“Independence used to be a utopian dream for me. Now it seems not just possible but necessary too. This is me doing my little bit,” he adds, ringing at a door.

It is opened by Gina Puig, a 34-year-old social worker with her infant son in her arms. She welcomes the ANC volunteers.

“What they have done is really great,” she says. “Out of nothing, they have managed to get the whole country out into the street.”

Puig doesn`t take much convincing by the canvassers: she has already decided to cast a vote for independence on Sunday.

“We would be a smaller country, but a richer and a fairer one,” she says. […]

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