Why is Catalonia seeking a referendum on self-determination?

Mayors from Catalonia explain the reasons for the 9 November consultation.

Last Saturday, the mayors were the protagonists of a historic and powerful picture in the act of support of the 9 November vote that was held at the main government building in Barcelona, the Palau de la Generalitat. They represented the 920 municipalities, out of a total of 947 (97%), that approved motions in favour of the consultation.

Seven of these mayors appear in a new video of the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT), explaining in English the reasons why Catalonia wants to vote on its political future. The mayors represent diverse geographic areas of the country, as well as different parties and ideologies. The video forms part of the website www.cataloniavotes.eu, which contains information on the 9 November consultation in English, French and German for the international audience.

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