Spanish Government cuts infrastructure investment by 50% in Catalonia

ThiefAccording to a report published on Thursday by Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce, the Spanish Government’s investment in infrastructure in Catalonia has dropped by 50% in the last 10 years, while it has been reduced by 25% throughout Spain in the same period.
The President of the business association, Miquel Valls, stated that this reduction represents “a break” in the Catalan economy’s growth and competitiveness. This political decision harms Spain’s and Catalonia’s economy, since now Catalonia could be in a better position to speed up the overall economic recovery as Spain’s main engine.

The Chamber’s report takes into account the executed investment made by the Spanish Government and its public companies in areas such as airports, high-speed railway and harbours. In 2006, the Spanish Parliament recognised “a historical” lack of investment in Catalonia when it approved the Catalan Statute of Autonomy and set a minimum investment percentage share to be made in Catalonia to compensate this in the next 7 years.
This investment share, which had to be equivalent to at least Catalonia’s share within Spain’s GDP (19.8%), was never respected by the Spanish Government, allocating to Catalonia 11% or 13% of the total infrastructure investment made throughout Spain in those years. Now, with the Chamber of Commerce’s report, it is stressed that this investment has been reduced to an even greater extent than the country’s average.

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One Response to Spanish Government cuts infrastructure investment by 50% in Catalonia

  1. If no as large as tax collected in Catalonia (20%) it may have been wiser to at least approach these investment to their population size(16%), if not to a half of its share in Spanish exports (Catalonia = 35%).
    Leaving these investments at 11% is unfair, unwise, and probably a waste of money in terms of foreseable returns.
    Spain administration management has been worsening along the last 12 years: ideology before results. Very poor governance. Unfair and slow law rule.
    Catalonia will do better, alone, easily.
    Slightly better after all.
    But Free.

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