Barcelona becomes the Capital of Catalonia’s right to decide

Date: 08.07.2014

Source: Rcat webteam

BCN’s main civil platforms, with the City Council’s support, to join efforts to promote 9N consultation

Catalonia’s National Capital is committed to support 9N consultation. Both the City Council, which joined the National Pact for the Right to Decide last summer, and major organizations and associations from the city have sealed their union in favor of sovereignty with the establishment of Barcelona’s Right to Decide Council.


The aim of the initiative, which includes organizations such as the ANC (Catalan National Assembly), Òmnium Cultural or the Federation of Neighbor Associations of Barcelona (FAVB), is to promote the mobilization in favor of the process, no matter its final outcome. “We want to vote because we are a nation, and accordingly a political subject”, declare Mr. Joan Rigol, National Pact for the Right to Decide coordinator.

Mr. Rigol has summarized the three axes of the National Pact, made in June 2013: to bring together those parties in favor of the consultation, to join the political dynamic with the civil society and associations, and promote the constitution of regional and territorial branches in order to enhance it, like Barcelona’s which joins others previously established.

First Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Mr. Joaquim Forn, said that the City Council “will actively support, as they already had” to the initiative, “that emerges from organizations and the people”. He added that, “Barcelona must act as National Capital, as it is, specially in such a relevant issue”.

independencia_catalu_aIn the event of Barcelona’s Right to Decide Council constitution, participated a number of associations others that the aforementioned, such as Barcelona Youth Council (CJB), Ateneu de Barcelona and the Council of Barcelona Associations (CAB) . Engagement, transformation and Future have been repeated expressions during the speeches. “We want a normal country where you can decide how to live better and share the desire for progress and freedom”, Omnium Cultural representative stated. “We join the Council with the goal of transforming the Catalan reality through participation”, declared CAB representative.

“From civility, dialogue and openess, we commit that before 9N a large civic movement will be set up in Catalan Society” said Mr. Rigol.

Next september will take place the official accession of Barcelona’s Right to Decide Council to the National Pact.

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