Old cheaters, new tricks


Source: La Veu de Reagrupament, n.37, (June 2014)

Author: Joan Carretero, President, Reagrupament Independentista

The so called democratic Spanish transition, said to be even exemplary, is now coming to a grinding end of its stone-fake scenario with no hope at all for any kind of regeneration. At that time such political operation helped to leave behind a fascist-like dictatorship by turning it into a formal democracy but without abolishing the political structures of the old regime. There was no regret nor blame recognition and a new head of state, educated and chosen by the dictator himself, was given the royal crown. But the justice system and the financial system, allies in the civil war and in the following repressing state, were kept unchanged and now here they are kicking at last their legs.

'Selfie' del president amb les jugadores de waterpolo del Club N

The Spanish state is facing again its raw reality: it is almost at bankruptcy while all the political imposed sewing is cracking and one old nation, Catalonia, is preparing a farewell; corruption makes impossible a much needed regeneration while the only way out for many thousands of Spanish citizens is going abroad to get any jobs. Whenever the Spanish state becomes a leaking boat, Catalans are asked for cooperation in Spain’s salvation either in the name of fraternal solidarity, economic reactivation, true democracy, leftish thinking or whatever else universal values, while they are promised once more a better future also for Catalonia. And then, when the thunderstorm goes away, Catalonia and Catalans are seen again -no need to recall it once more- as a subordinate bunch of hardworking and much generous people which only deserve being abused and humiliated by means of fiscal spoliation and linguistic prosecution.


Right now Spain is in emergency again and so the typical sterile debates start all over once more: would it be better having a republic instead of the monarchy? Should the constitution be reformed to give it federal shape? Will “Podemos” (We Can – a new political leftish party) be able to really start a much needed political change?   We Catalans must, anyway, avoid such debates as much as black death. Catalonia must follow its own way towards independence, we must get as far away as possible from Spain who has always been strangling our necks. We must put the blame again on those independentist Catalans who run to help, without even being asked, their Spanish republican companions. No time for Catalans to play any Spanish political games now, they are just the usual foolish old tricks.



The enchanting of the Spanish mermaid’s songs will put us now to the test again but we must not be fooled for the umpteenth time. We are not much or little interested in reforming their constitution; not interested at all in their Spanish republic or monarchy; not really interested in their always tricky financial improvements; we just cannot trust their shielding of our statuary powers; we simply lack all confidence in their iberian solidarity; none of these will be of any help for Catalonia. Only independence, only a free and democratic state of our own, will shield a future full of hope for us Catalans.

(Translation: JTN)


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