Catalonia future debated in Europe, ignored in Spain



Author: Josep Sort

As European Election day approaches, candidates debates multiply. On May 15th five candidates to become next European Commission President, participated in the first ever pan-european electoral debate of this kind. Among others issues, they took a stand on the future of Catalonia. None of  the participants explicitly argued against the Independence of Catalonia. Opinions went from the traditional “it is a domestic affair” to those who defend to hear the Catalans opinion and act  accordingly.

This debate, that put Catalonia current political scenario on the spot, was in contrast with another one that took place the same day, in Spain. In this one, was held between the european candidates of the two main spanish political parties, the Peoples Party and the Socialist Party. As expected, since both groups are totally opposed to Catalonia selfdetermination, in this second debate, not a single word was referred to Catalonia political future, and to the expected November 9th political consultation (referendum). This contrast between the european and Spain scenarios shows crystal clear the lack of will from Spaniards politicians to open talks on Catalonia polticial status, since they ignore the huge pro-consultation majority (between 75-80%) that currently exists in Catalonia.

It is a lesson that explains the importance of next European Election. Catalonia wants to vote, and we are certain that Europe will support such a democratic demand against all obstacles.

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