President Mas: ” Our path continues onward in truly Catalan fashion: positive, hopeful and peaceful”



Declaració institucional 8 d'abrilIn an official statement at the end of the debate in the Spanish Congress, the President of Catalonia commended both the “moderate tone and strong case” made by the Catalan MPs who defended the bill, as well as the support shown by the political parties which voted in favor of it.

The chief executive reiterated that the process that concluded in the Spanish Congress was only the “end of a chapter” and that “Catalan government institutions will seek to build a legal framework to hold the referendum”.

The Spanish Congress last night rejected a bill proposed by the Parliament of Catalonia that would have transferred the authority to call a referendum on self-determination for Catalonia to the regional Parliament. Upon receiving the news, the President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, immediately stressed that despite the bill’s rejection, “the path will continue onward.”(continue)

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