Reagrupament “will strengthen CDC to reach the necessary majority” for an independent Catalonia

The President of the Generalitat and of CDC, Artur Mas, asserts that “joining efforts is the key” to gain Catalonia’s independence

02 April 2014

Author: Reagrupament Press / Photos: Josep Lluís González


The President of Reagrupament Independentista, Joan Carretero, said again today during the signature event of the association agreement with CDC that his party “is willing to lend a helping hand to whom has taken the lead of the process towards independence”. In this event, that took place at noon in the Noble Hall of the Clock Building at the Industrial School in Barcelona, Carretero predicted that Reagrupament “will bring good luck” to CDC. As national independence is the main objective there will be “a non destroyable loyalty in exchange for nothing”, he granted. “Reagrupament will be at work with joy, faith and willingness” as to accomplish our common aim, he also declared referring to independence. Therefore, Reagrupament “will strengthen CDC so it can reach the necessary majority to gain Catalonia’s Independence”.

In his speech, following the reading and later signature of the agreement, Joan Carretero also pointed out that despite Reagrupament gives total support to the present campaign for the right to decide “we are not the people of the right to decide because, as you know, we are in favour to the unilateral declaration of independence“ and so he underlined his party’s contribution to the cause of national independence. Furthermore, he described what he called the basic pillars of an independent Catalonia: a country of “excellence” with a most accurate democracy which includes a fully political regeneration, limitation of periods in office, transparency laws and clear regulations for all major corporations. In short, work must be fairly rewarded in an independent Catalonia.


Several members of Reagrupament ’s national executive attended this association signature event such as the vice-president, Rut Carandell, and secretary Ignasi Planas. The association agreement, which had already been approved last November by Reagrupament ’s Assembly, formulates that both parties give each other recognition of their mutual will to push forward a national transition process to be completed by reaching an independent state for Catalonia and that all their means will be put at work together.

Accompanied by several members of the Catalan government and by members of CDC’s national executive, such as Irene Rigau, ministry of Education, CDC’s national secretary Josep Rull, goverment’s spokesman Francesc Homs, and also by Jordi Pujol, ex-president of the Generalitat, President Artur Mas insisted in his speech on the great value of walking together towards independence. “Joining efforts is essential”, he said referring to the agreement with Reagrupament, and he asserted that “unity is the great strength of this nation, both at political and civil level.” For him it is necessary that “as many parties as possible work together to reach this goal”. Artur Mas also warned against not maintaining the necessary consensus, a risky situation that is “expected by many out there”, by those who are just waiting for Catalonia to get “out of the track”. Talking about the right to decide President Mas put it clear that it is the Catalan citizens who must decide on Catalonia’s future and so they must be allowed to vote either yes or no to independence.


The association agreement will last until the goal of an independent Catalonia has been reached. Actually, the agreement also specifies that Reagrupament and CDC will go to the polls together when national elections come, but not necessarily so at the municipal ones. From now on the local and sectional associates of both parties will collaborate actively in promoting and organizing together any possible actions. The number of Reagrupament ’s representatives in the lists of candidates will be fixed eventually by mutual agreement each time at any elections.

(Translation: JTN)

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