Joan Carretero and the Catalan President, Artur Mas, will sign up an alliance for independence on April, 2nd

21st March 2014
Author: Reagrupament

carretero_457Joan Carretero, president of Reagrupament, and the leader of CDC (Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya) and President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, will meet on Wednesday, April, 2nd to sign up an agreement of association -it was already reached and approved on both sides last November- by means of which these two political parties will join efforts and work together in order to reach an independent state for Catalonia.

The alliance will formally start with the signature of both leaders once CDC has officially asserted that it is their will, common to that of Reagrupament’s, to take on and push forward a National Transition process aimed to end up by reaching an independent state. This new synergy between the two parties will thus have a true demonstration in the common lists of candidates for national elections in which they will take part together. Not so, however, in the foreseen municipal elections next year, when Reagrupament and CDC can stand separately for themselves, though a door has been left open as to explore and study, municipality after municipality, the chance of presenting joined candidates as well wherever possible.

ce70b63df00ee2d79168d391a74ed4bdThis pro-independence alliance between Reagrupament and CDC will therefore be in force as long as the two parties keep firmly to their political aim of seeking an independent state for Catalonia, and will be kept as valid till this goal had been reached. The signature of the association agreement will take place behind closed doors in the presence of a number of representatives from both executive boards. Joan Carretero will intervene first on behalf of Reagrupament and then president Artur Mas will do it next. The agreement will be then formally sealed by signing up the document enclosing the political conditions of this alliance aimed to Catalonia’s independence.

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