“Catalonia may not become toll-free, it only needs to be a free country”, Joan Carretero

The case of unfair motorway tolls is not an isolated abuse

Reagrupament ’s national executive agreed in a Barcelona meeting on April 21st  to express their gratitude to those citizens who have lately being taking action as to show their protest against what they consider to be an economic abuse and so refuse to pay any tolls on Catalan motorways while others are happy to pay  their taxes only to the Catalan Tax Agency (instead of paying them to the central Spanish administration). However, RCat do not agree on Catalonia being a toll-free country despite they want it to be Spain-free.

“We do have a global conflict here as they are treating us as a colony – said president Joan Carretero-  and so our answer must be global, too. Catalonia does not need to be toll-free: we must simply become a free country.”


“Actually, paying that many motorway tolls is not the only abuse we are suffering: fiscal plundering, which is also social spoliation, must be included as well as the extra cents on petrol we pay for healthcare beside double taxes on medicines, the discrimination on university grants (Catalan students are 15% and get only 8% of grants); not to speak about not having any decision power  on our own ports, airports and general transport services, railways in particular; and let’s not forget also the economic strangulation of all our political institutions, local or national, social and cultural entities, media, companies, self contracting workers, retailers… and so on.”

“In an independent Catalonia we wouldn’t in fact indulge ourselves by not having any tolls at all, especially being a land in passing for international transport, as it is also the case of several motorways in such a civilized and potent country as Germany.”

To Reagrupament ’s national executive “all abuses against our country could be solved if there was to be any political will to do so”. Being Catalan within Spain is certainly quite expensive and “the solution is –added  Dr. Carretero- quite simple but not easy: to become with the help of a democratic majority a free new country”.


Translation: JJTN