Obama’s Big Slap


Author: Josep Sort


After two years of waiting, finally, Spanish prime minister , Mariano Rajoy, was received by U.S. President Barack Obama. The meeting took place on January 13 at the White House.

The event had a big media coverage in Spain but went virtually unnoticed in the United States. A new failure of Spain’s strategy to present itself as a major world power.

Madrid considered the meeting as the key moment to spread the message that the United States, with its president at the helm, support the leadership of Mariano Rajoy , and particularly its aggressive strategy against the Independence of Catalonia.

Of course Obama did not jump into this game and refused to discuss or make any statement on the issue.

It was a new big slap in the face of Spanish pride. A new disaster in the series of international disasters that Spain collects lately.

Given President Obama’s silence, premier Rajoy took the lead, in the post-meeting joint press conference, and, after a question from a spaniard journalist, answered that Independence was a very negative thing.

Frankly, say such things when you are a guest of a country proud of being a world benchmark in the history of the Declarations of Independence, constitutes a sideral proportion example of PR and diplomatic clumsiness.

Again, President Obama’s silence was quite explicit.

(More info: CNA, Vilaweb, El Pais in English)

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