Catalan President “welcomes” Rajoy’s threats as they “admit” Catalonia can be independent


The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, also replied to the message sent on Wednesday by the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, against an EU membership for Scotland and Catalonia if they were to become independent states. Mas “welcomed” Rajoy’s statements, as the Spanish PM indirectly “admits that Catalonia can become an [independent] state”. In addition, Mas stated that Catalans are becoming “less sensitive” to “the threats” of the Spanish Government. Furthermore, Alex Salmond, First Minister of the Scottish Executive, highlighted that Scotland “is a European nation”, which “will be welcomed” within the EU if it becomes an independent state. In addition, Salmond urged the British Government to formally ask the European Commission to start a legal analysis on Scotland’s EU membership. However, despite the road map towards independence has already been clarified, London rejects taking the issue to Brussels. The European Commission had previously stated that they will only give their formal opinion on Scotland or Catalonia’s potential independence and their EU membership on the basis of a precise scenario and at the request of a current Member State government (i.e. London or Madrid). On Wednesday, Rajoy stated that Scotland would have to re-apply for EU membership and added that it will not be “a simple” process, indirectly suggesting a possible veto from the Spanish Government. However, Rajoy admitted he did not know the contents of the White Paper on Independence, published by the Scottish Government. In this document, Edinburgh explained the legal formula to remain within the EU and not lose any benefit, a formula that would have been validated by the British Government’s legal services. In fact, besides Salmond’s words, the Scottish Government officially replied to Rajoy stating they were totally rejecting the idea of being kicked out from the EU. For these reasons, Scotland’s First Minister is demanding London to ask the European Commission to confirm the legal formula proposed by Edinburgh. Paradoxically, in his press conference, Rajoy also stated that “citizens have the right to be informed” to criticize Scotland’s White Paper.

148495-944-842The Catalan President, who is on a business trip to India, wanted to reply toRajoy’s words from Wednesday evening. “I welcome Rajoy’s statements; I welcome them a lot”, stated Mas, who recognized his words might sound surprising. On Thursday, from Mumbai, the Catalan President stated that with his threats Rajoy was “admitting the possibility that Catalonia can become an [independent] state”, because “if he admits this possibility [Catalonia’s independence], it means that previously a referendum needs to take place”. In addition, he said that the Spanish PM’s words show that Rajoy “no longer thinks” that Catalonia’s independence is “impossible”. In this vein, he urged Rajoy to follow London’s example and to start negotiating with Catalan representatives a “date, question and proceeding” to hold a self-determination vote in Catalonia. Furthermore, he added that Catalans are becoming “less sensitive” to “the threats” of the Spanish Government.

Salmond urges London to ask the European Commission for a definitive analysis, but London rejects such an idea

Alex Salmond also wanted to officially reply to Rajoy’s statements. Before the Scottish Parliament, he emphasized that Scotland is “a Euroepan nation” and it wil “be welcomed” within the European Union if it votes for independence. Salmond stated that Scotland would negotiate its EU membership “from within the EU”, which would significantly ease the process and would allow for temporary measures to be adopted to smooth things out and avoid losing any benefit during the transition period. Furthermore he urged London to request the European Commission for a legal analysis of Scotland’s EU membership. “The European Commission says it is ready to talk with us but they need the permission” from London. However, Salmond added that the Brisith Government stated that they will not “pre-negotiate anything” and therefore they will not ask Brussels for such an analysis.


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  1. Catalan taxes have long been going into EU coffers. The people have paid for a certain relationship and certain privileges. This is only one of the lesser reasons why the citizens of Catalonia — decidedly citizens of Europe — can’t just be thrown out as Mr. Rajoy absurdly threatens.

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