European Elections, Referendum Elections


Author: Joan Carretero, President, Reagrupament Independentista (RCAT)

Source: Nació Digital

“We should give these elections a slogan, focussing on what we wish to achieve. My proposal is: ‘Catalonia, new European State’”


On May 25th there will be the elections in the European Parliament (EP). These elections have, traditionally, been quite effective within the Spanish political spectrum in forming political structures, or even strong coalitions to either put an end to certain political careers or enable strong new ones to get under way. In any case, the elected MEP  have invariably been rewarded with exceptionally high salaries, assignments more suited for senators in Ancient Rome; in short, European delegates more equivalent to the best church canons in the whole history.

Rarely have our citizens given any attention to the programs for these elections, nor have they been aware of which parliamentary group the chosen MEP will be forming part of. They are also fully unaware of what their job really entails once they have taken possession of their posts, besides travelling first class.


At this moment in the history of Catalonia, when hundreds of thousands of people, millions rather, have made to the streets in the most civilized and peaceful manner and without asking for anything back, only to claim Independence of our country and freely decide for their future and that of their children and grandchildren, we cannot naively wait for a gesture of good will from the European Union which, on the other hand, might never materialize.

The Spanish Government will never authorize or tolerate a referendum for self-determination for the Catalan nation, to which they do not recognise as having any political capacity, or anything that distinguishes itself as a nation; in short, they do not wish to identify it as a political entity whatsoever. Therefore, they do not envisage any referendum or any ‘consultation’. It is not in the Spanish government’s genes or program the possibility of their citizens to decide in total freedom over their own future, especially when the territory was integrated via military intervention.

The President of the Generalitat has talked about having plebiscitary elections in 2016 in case the consultation cannot go ahead. Needless to say that, in the event of elections taking place in the Catalan Parliament, even when naming these ‘plebiscitary’, they would only fall into the category of elections for autonomy and, therefore, Spanish. These are elections which the Spanish State can easily annul. Besides, it would be very difficult to carry out plebiscitary elections with the existence of parties that are in complete opposition with one another.


The European Elections could become, with the Catalan political parties’ good will, equivalent to a referendum for self-determination of the Catalan nation. The first thing we must make absolutely clear is that these elections would go beyond any government competence and, therefore, could not be invalidated or annulled by the Spanish government. These elections would allow any Catalan parties who took part in them to relinquish their patriotic commitment to the EP  without causing any trauma to either the parties in question or the electorate.

This type of elections would embrace the participation of all those who seek freedom for the Catalan nation, and it would also be understood that those give full support to the creation of a new state. Therefore, the parties involved should be those who embrace the YES vote for the Independence of Catalonia. Should the YES vote win, this would be enough to give power or, using the Anglo-Saxon word, ‘empower’ the Parliament of Catalonia to proclaim their Independence and begin to take the necessary steps for Catalonia to be fully integrated as a new European State.

Needless to say, all the Spanish bureaucrats from all walks of life will object to this and will tell us that we should not go ahead with this plan. Someday Catalans will cease to follow the advice of those who do not love us and do what it is best for us. And, without any doubt, what is best for us is to decide what we want freely, democratically and with the use of homologous elections which the whole world can follow.

GoodbyeSpainIt is necessary to change a kind of elections that would be nothing but cold, distant and misunderstood into elections that would be equivalent to a referendum and that is precisely what they do not want us to have. The only thing we need is for all the parties, entities, associations and citizens who wish to decide freely over Catalonia’s future, to agree with these very simple points and find the people who will be represented on the list.

All the parties’ tactical considerations will not be of any benefit to either the citizens or the nation. Only the type of patriotism suited to this cause will enable it to become a reality. The citizens have surpassed all political organizations and, therefore, we need to be at their level in order to overcome the goal that History has placed before us.

We must find a name for this electoral enterprise to best define what we are embarking ourselves on. My proposal is: “Catalonia, the new state in Europe”.

(Translation: J.G.)

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