Are Catalan Companies Really Transferring to Madrid?


First, it was Mr Enrique Ossorio, the Economy Minister of the Autonomous Government of Madrid, last August 19th. He was smart and polite. He only “remarked” that 1,060 corporations had left Catalonia in the last 3 years to go to Madrid. A couple of days later, the right-wing daily La Gaceta took another pot-shot: “Catalan Money Flees to Madrid”

Spanish unionism is showing a serious lack of arguments in the debate on Catalan independence, in every aspect. But this lack is particularly dramatic in the economics area. The plundering that the Catalan economy has to bear is so huge and has lasted so long that is hard to hide, and the Catalan people have realized what the situation is.

That’s why the words of Mr Enrique Ossorio at the press conference last August 19th are surprising. He said that according to a study by market intelligence firm Axesor, “over 1,000 corporations left Catalonia for Madrid over the last 3 years because of the attractive policies for the corporations put in place by our (Madrid) region”. Nothing further was necessary. The allusion to the “independence process in Catalonia” was clear to everybody. And a couple of days later La Gaceta reinforced the idea by talking about a “massive exodus of corporations”, the “financial and commercial isolation of Catalonia” and “jeopardised investments”.

Let’s do some analysing …

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