Graham Watson sees no problem with Catalonia EU membership

GrahamWatsonThe President of the European Liberals, Sir Graham Watson, Liberal Democrat MEP for South West England and Gibraltar, whose cause is supported by the Catalan Government, is reported by VilaWeb to have stated that he sees no problem with independent Catalan membership of the EU:

“Spain is one of only five countries that have not yet recognized Kosovo, but I think we need to wake up and recognize that we no longer live in the eighteenth century. This is not a period of kings and nation states. It’s a period of people working together through their democratically expressed will, and that should be as clear to a Castilian as to anyone else.”

“The European Union has to be a sufficiently strong but sufficiently flexible entity to allow people to express themselves within it, and that may mean some changes to boundaries. But we are democrats, and if that is what the majority wants, then that is what must happen.”

Read @ Frankly Independent

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