Recalling Sysyphus


Author: Joan Carretero

Source: La Veu de Reagrupament, issue num. 28 (september 2013)

“If President Mas takes lead of the process he will certainly have the majority’s support among the Catalan people. He will also have mine and that of Reagrupament’s, of course”

sysyphusSince a few years ago the majority of the Catalan people are giving to the world clear and remarkable signs that they want Catalonia to become a brand new state within Europe. It must be said, once more, that these signs are always sent out in such a peaceful, calm and almost joyful fashion as to clearly show that the goal must be obtained in a thoroughly democratic way.

This collective will is served by the task of thousands of enthusiast volunteers who keep doing all the hard preparation works and do it with an admirable affection and efficiency. The results of all these efforts has sometimes put enthusiastically together hundreds of thousands of country fellows so we have reached certain moments of ecstasy and have thought the goal to be very close.

Despite the remarkable success, for instance, of the Catalan Way (Via Catalana) very soon we all came back to our “normal” lives and daily routines and, worst of all, we must keep bearing those statements said by some political leaders who just want to minimize this peaceful fight and pretend our national dream to be only a foolish one, impossible to come true.

reagrupament_i_cdc_s_associen_per_assolir_l_estat_independent_portada_granSimilar to Sysyphus, Catalonia would seem condemned to keep going endlessly through all this suffering. The situation, in my opinion, can only be overcome by the President of Generalitat (Catalan government). He is the one who can call the Catalan people to a binding referendum in which the question must be if they want to become an independent nation or not. He must lead, without any reluctance, the process. Elections last year certainly put him in a less strong position but only he is entitled to take the ship’s helm.

I have no doubt that if President Mas was to take lead of the process he will certainly have the majority’s support among the Catalan people. Of course, he will also have mine and that of Reagrupament’s.

(Translated by J.T.N.)


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