Spanish right-wing extremist says Catalan independence won’t happen: “without blood”


Spanish TV channel Cuatro has published a video report in which: “we locate the exact spot in which the ultra-right-wing platform LEM meets in Madrid to, among other things, “burn separatist rags” as they organise to defend Spain at all costs”.

Cuatro travelled out to a village on the outskirts of Madrid to attend their latest rally, which was signposted with graffiti directions reading “LEM” (La España en Marcha), which translates as “Spain in Motion”.

This was the group that organised the invasion of the Diada Day act at the Catalan government office in Madrid, in which several extremist supporters interrupted proceedings, shoved attendees and chanted Spanish nationalist slogans.

On a rainy day, and amid nazi salutes, nationalist chants, Spanish skinheads and the Francoist version of the Spanish flag (with a black imperial eagle on it), they are told that they are not permitted to record footage inside the enclosure, which appears to be one of the small disused practice bull rings that litter parts of the Spanish countryside.

Banners draped across the walls of the compound read “Falange Youth” and “Falange”.

Photos taken during the event inside the compound show black-hoodied supporters making the nazi salute and burning Catalan flags, or, as they call them, “separatist rags”.

Read @ The Spain Report

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