Opinion: The Baltic States inspiring the land of Gaudí and Dalí


The Lithuania Tribune presents an opinion article by Jordi Arrufat, a public diplomacy advisor who takes a keen interest in Lithuania and the Baltic States, about a public action in Catalonia, when a human chain in support of the region’s independence – The Catalan Way – was stretched.

The Catalans are waking up

Last Wednesday, 11 September 2013, 1.6 millions of Catalans held their hands in a 400km human chain linking Catalonia, the region whose capital is Barcelona, from north to south, from El Pertús, on the border with France, down to Alcanar, on the border with the another Catalan-speaking region of Valencia.

What was the reason? To show support of the independence of Catalonia to the international public opinion. The chain, which has been set with no incident, in a completely peaceful ambiance, with many families and senior citizens joining in, was a successful civic demonstration intended to raise awareness about the will of the Catalan people to get self-determination through a referendum, similar to the one to be held in Scotland next year.

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