The Catalan Way in the international press


Assemblea Nacional Catalana, organizers of the the massive (1.5M) demonstration held in Barcelona on 09/11 (1) last year, have mobilized citizenship yet again. This year on the same date an impressing human chain longer than 400 km (250 mi) has been deployed over Catalonia, while sending extra branches to Valencian Country and Northern Catalonia. The specific objective of the Catalan Way was to boost our independence claim to the world.

And the goal has been achieved indeed. A huge succes even before hundreds of thousands joined hands at 17:14 (2). The week previous to the event many related articles had already been published around the world,  a flow that surged during the preceding hours. The resounding succes of the Catalan Way placed the event on first page in many of the first class international media, like The Wall Street Journal and AlJazeera, while The Guardian requested pictures and videos of the chain to its readers.

See the article and the list @ VilaWeb (cat)

(1) Catalonia National Day

(2) This symbolic moment represents year 1,714, which marks the end of the Siege of Barcelona

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