The Catalan Way towards independence is nearly full!


Within four days of the Catalan National Day (La Diada) the Catalan Way towards Independence is nearly full! There are only a few places left to cover in no more than thirty sections, particularly those between Vilafranca and l’Ordal as volunteers are having to travel considerable distances to cover certain gaps in the chain. But the Catalan National Assemble (ANC) keeps encouraging those who haven’t registered yet to join. Even at the last minute there will be room for everyone who wishes to hold hands for independence!

Since last Monday, the Catalan Way has an app for mobile phones available from the Apple Store which has been created by the ANC. This new app offers a calendar with all the events related to the Catalan Way, a feature that shows you how to get to the relevant section, a picture and messaging service as well as a number of tips to guarantee the success of the Catalan Way towards Independence.

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