The Catalan Way Across the World



The Catalan Way (in CatalanVia Catalana), also known as The Catalan Way Towards Independence (in Catalan, Via Catalana cap a la Independència) will be a 400 km (248 mile) human chain in support of Catalan independence. It is being organized by the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC), and will take place in Catalonia on September 11, 2013, which is the National Day of Catalonia. It has the support of 14 entities. The human chain will follow the ancient Via Augusta, from El Pertús (Vallespir) up to Alcanar (Montsià). According to Carme Forcadell, president of the ANC, it will be «a symbol of the unity of Catalan people to achieve national sovereignty».330_1377980278Xina2

Inspired by the 1989 Baltic Way, plans for the Catalan Way were first presented for the first time on June 19, 2013, at the Museu d’Història de Catalunya. The presentation included Henn Karits and Ülo Laanoja, two members of the organization which staged the Baltic Way.

Three weeks before the event, more than 350,000 people have already registered to participate. In total, the organizers plans to mobilize about 1,500 buses and 30,000 volunteers to help organize the event. However, the organisers have admitted having difficulty filling up spaces within the human chain in the southern section.

The human chain will follow the Via Augusta and will cross the following 86 towns and municipalities (sorted from North to South): El Pertúsla Jonquera,Pont de MolinsFigueresSanta Llogaia d’ÀlguemaBàscaraOrriolsSarrià de TerSant Julià de RamisGironaFornells de la SelvaRiudellots de la SelvaTorderaPineda de MarCalellaSant Pol de MarCanet de MarArenys de MarCaldes d’EstracSant Andreu de LlavaneresMataróVilassar de MarPremià de MarEl MasnouMontgatBadalonaSant Adrià de BesòsBarcelonal’Hospitalet de LlobregatEsplugues de LlobregatSant Just Desvern,Sant Feliu de LlobregatMolins de ReiSant Vicenç dels Horts, CervellóValliranaOrdalCantallopsSant Cugat SesgarriguesOlèrdolaVilafranca del PenedèsSanta Margarida i els Monjosla Ràpital’ArboçCastellet i la GornalBellveiel VendrellRoda de BeràCreixellClaràTorredembarraAltafulla,TarragonaReusRiudomsMontbrió del CampMont-roig del Campl’Hospitalet de l’Infantl’Ametlla de MarEl Perellól’AmpollaCamarlesl’Aldea,AmpostaSant Carles de la Ràpita and Alcanar.

In Barcelona it will go through several main streets, such as avinguda Diagonalplaça de Sant Jaume and Eixample


The Catalan Way… also abroad!

But that’s not all! We want this human chain to extend beyond the borders of our country and reach everyone who is a friend of Catalonia and supports the people’s right of self-determination. Between August 1 and September 11, the ANC Catalan Foreign Assemblies are organizing the International Catalan Way, small scale replicas of the human chain in Catalonia in the main cities of the world. So you might be able to join us very soon just around the corner where you live! This will be a unique event to celebrate freedom and solidarity. Don’t miss it!


Below you will find a list of locations with the International Catalan Way events that have already been confirmed. But there are many more being prepared in other places of the world.

Making way in the world!

Right now we have 97 Catalan Ways all around the world!

  • Mbour, Senegal, place TBD, time TBD, January 1
  • Wien, Austria, Danube, 3:00 pm, July 13
  • Szczecin, Poland, Szczecin Port, 2:00 pm, August 3
  • Roma, Italy, Saint Peter of the Vatican Square, 6:30 pm, August 3
  • Córdoba, Argentina, Centre Català, time TBD, August 4
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Avenue of Stars, 8:00 pm, August 9
  • Everest, Nepal, Base Camp, time TBD, August 16
  • Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Seher-Cehajina Bridge, 7:00 pm, August 16
  • Curitiba, Brazil, Praça Espanha / Alameda Dr. Carlos de Carvalho, 12:00 pm, August 18
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Botafogo Beach, 12:00 pm, August 18
  • Castelar, Argentina, The Four Bars of Castelar, 3:30 pm, August 18
  • Rosario, Argentina, Monumento Nacional a la Bandera, 3:00 pm, August 24
  • Montevideo, Uruguay, José Pedro Varela Square, Av. Brasil with Br Artigas, 3:00 pm, August 24
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, Plaza del Congreso, Av. Rivadavia with Entre Ríos, 4:00 pm, August 24
  • Boulder, United States, Chautauqua Park, 5:00 pm, August 24
  • Los Angeles, United States, Grifith Park, 11:00 am, August 25
  • São Paulo, Brazil, Monumento à Independência, Parque da Independência, 11:00 am, August 25
  • Toronto, Canada, City Hall , 11:00 am, August 25
  • Quito, Ecuador, Mirador de Guapulo, 11:00 am, August 25
  • Paraná, Argentina, Costanera Alta de Paraná, in front of Paraná river (Patito Sirirí area), 11:30 am, August 25
  • Tokyo, Japan, Sensoji of Asakusa Temple, 3:30 pm, August 25
  • Edinburgh, Scotland, Parliament and then Calton Hill, 4:00 pm, August 25
  • Hamburg, Germany, Stadtpark, Grosse Festwiese, 4:00 pm, August 25
  • Berlin, Germany, Gendarmenmarkt, in front of the Konzerthaus, 5:14 pm, August 25
  • Koeln, Germany, Cathedra of Cologne, 6:30 pm, August 25
  • Mannheim, Germany, Schloss Mannheim, 7:00 pm, August 28
  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Willy Brandt Platz, in front of Euro sign, 7:30 pm, August 28
  • Lisboa, Portugal, Belem Tower, 5:00 pm, August 30
  • München, Germany, Marienplatz, 7:00 pm, August 30
  • Tulum, Mexico, Mayan Ruins of Tulum, 9:00 am, August 31
  • Beijing, China, Great Wall of China, leaving from Dongzhimen Ginza Parking, 9:00 am, August 31
  • Houston, United States, NASA, 10:00 am, August 31
  • Auckland, New Zealand, In front of Viaduct Events Centre (, 10:00 am, August 31
  • Mexico DF, Mexico, Ángel de la Independència, 11:00 am, August 31
  • San José, Costa Rica, Casal Català of Costa Rica, 11:00 am, August 31
  • Santiago de Chile, Chile, Bicentenario Park (Vitacura), 11:30 am, August 31
  • Puebla, Mexico, Park Líneal de Puebla, elevated bridge, 12:00 pm, August 31
  • Guadalajara, Mexico, Plaza de la Liberaciò, under Hidalgo Statue, 12:00 pm, August 31
  • Trondheim, Norway, Korsvika, 12:00 pm, August 31
  • Oslo, Norway, Parliament (Stortinget), 12:00 pm, August 31
  • Manchester, United Kingdom, Catalan Square, 2:00 pm, August 31
  • Helsinki, Finland, Senaatintori, 3:00 pm, August 31
  • London, United Kingdom, Old Palace Yard, House of Commons, Westminster, 4:00 pm, August 31
  • Johannesburg, South Africa, Mandela Square, Sandton, 4:00 pm, August 31
  • Geneve, Switzerland, Place des Nations, 4:00 pm, August 31
  • Zurich, Switzerland, Fraumünster, 4:00 pm, August 31
  • New York City, United States, Times Square, 5:00 pm, August 31
  • Miami, United States, 1116 Ocean Drive (in front of Versace Mansion), 6:00 pm, August 31
  • Bergen, Norway, Bryygen, 6:30 pm, August 31
  • Reykjavík, Iceland, Austurvöllur, 8:00 pm, August 31
  • Perth, Australia, Kings Park, 10:00 am, September 1
  • Brisbane, Australia, Kangaroo point (Captain Burke Park), 10:00 am, September 1
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, Knippelsbro, 10:00 am, September 1
  • Asunción, Paraguay, Centro Catalan , 10:00 am, September 1
  • Wellington, New Zealand, Next to the Boat Cafe at the Oriental Bay, 11:00 am, September 1
  • Sydney, Australia, Opera House, 11:00 am, September 1
  • Vancouver, Canada, Totems of Stanley Park, 11:00 am, September 1
  • Managua, Nicaragua, Old Cathedral, 11:00 am, September 1
  • Lima, Peru, San Martín Square, 11:00 am, September 1
  • Bogota, Colombia, Usaquen Square, 11:30 am, September 1
  • Brusselles, Belgium, Atomium, 12:00 pm, September 1
  • Melbourne, Australia, Federation Square (punt d’informació), 12:00 pm, September 1
  • Stockholm, Sweden, Mynttorget 1, near the Parliament, 12:00 pm, September 1
  • Gothenburg [Göteborg], Sweden, Götaplatsen (Poseidon), 12:00 pm, September 1
  • Bangkok, Thailand, Lumphini Park, more details, 2:00 pm, September 1
  • Lausanne, Switzerland, Place de la Navigation, 4:00 pm, September 1
  • Seattle, United States, Gas Works Park, 4:00 pm, September 1
  • Montréal, Canada, Lafontaine Park, 5:00 pm, September 1
  • Dublin, Ireland, General Post Office (GPO) O’connell Street, 5:14 pm, September 1
  • Atlanta, United States, Millennium Gate, 5:14 pm, September 1
  • Raleigh, United States, Capitol, 5:14 pm, September 1
  • Praha, Czech Republic, Wenceslas Square (Václavské námestí)., 7:00 pm, September 1
  • Jerusalem, Israel, Old City, 8:00 pm, September 1
  • Boston, United States, Boston Public Garden, statue of G. Washingto, 4:00 pm, September 2
  • Paris, France, Champs de Mars – in front of the Torre Eiffel, 7:00 pm, September 2
  • Zadar, Croatia, Morske orgulje (Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV), 5:00 pm, September 3
  • Budapest, Hungary, Liberty Statue, 6:00 pm, September 3
  • Washington, United States, White House, 6:30 pm, September 4
  • Venezia, Italy, Piazza of San Marco, 7:30 pm, September 4
  • Shenyang, China, Mukden Palace, Shenyang Rd, 12:00 pm, September 7
  • Medellín, Colombia, San Ignacio Square, 12:00 pm, September 7
  • Cincinnati, United States, Fountain Square, 1:00 pm, September 7
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Hêlle Fra, 4:00 pm, September 7
  • Den Haag, Netherlands, International Court of Justice, Vredespaleis, Carnegieplein, 4:00 pm, September 7
  • Toulouse, Occitania, France, Place du Capitole, 4:30 pm, September 7
  • Cork, Ireland, Grand Parade, in front of Cork City Library, 5:00 pm, September 7
  • Independence, United States, Farmer’s Market, 6565 Brecksville Rd, 2:00 pm, September 8
  • San Francisco, United States, Crissy Field Park , 2:00 pm, September 8
  • Minneapolis, United States, Minnehaha Falls, 4:00 pm, September 8
  • Athenai, Greece, Dionisiou Areopagitou in front of Irodu Attikou, 6:00 pm, September 8
  • Paris, France, Disneyland Paris, 11:00 am, September 11
  • Serekunda, Gambia, Traffic Lights, Fajara, 5:00 pm, September 11
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia, Statue of France Preseren, Three Bridges, 5:14 pm, September 11
  • Alghero, Italy, Portal Square, 6:30 pm, September 11
  • Bilbao, Basque Country, Jardines de Albia, 7:45 pm, September 11
  • Pokhara, Nepal, Hotel Shangri-La, 8:00 pm, September 11
  • Shanghai, China, In front of Zhongshan East 1st Road, 9:00 pm, September 11

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