EU vetoes report on the ‘consequences’ of independence


The European Parliament has blocked a Scottish Labour MEP from preparing a report on “the consequences of the secession of the territory of a member state for its membership of the European Union”.

It is understood that Labour MEP David Martin hoped that the report would provide ammunition for the anti-independence campaign in Scotland, however the report was blocked by other members of the European Parliament’s socialist group who feared that the report would be unlikely to give clear support to the anti-independence case.

Mr Martin believed that the report would suggest that an independent Scotland would have to apply for re-entry into the EU, and intended to use it in next year’s referendum campaign in order to attack pro-independence claims on EU membership.

However the report was blocked after the president of the European Parliament, German Social Democratic MEP Martin Schulz, and the Austrian MEP Hannes Swoboda, President of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the Parliament, ceded to pressures from other members of the Progressive Alliance and refused permission for the Labour MEP to carry out the study.

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