Ki-moon, UN Secretary General : The UN respect self-determination processes


UN Secretary General some months ago asked Spain to talk regarding Catalan self-determination claims

Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, stated the United Nations respect self-determination processes. Ban Ki-moon urged all the political leaders to talk and find a negotiated and peaceful solution. Ban Ki-moon was asked about Catalonia’s and Scotland’s self-determination processes during his official visit to Andorra. He stated that all the pending issues among countries have to be solved via peaceful means and through dialogue, respecting the genuine will of the affected people.

As opposed to the United Kingdom’s Government, the Spanish Executive currently refuses to even talk about Catalonia’s self-determination claims. These claims are backed by November’s electoral results and recent opinion polls. Furthermore, on the last Catalan National Day, 1.5 million people demonstrated in Barcelona asking for Catalonia’s independence from Spain.

After having been asked about Catalonia’s self-determination process, Ban Ki-moon answered he makes a call to the leaders throughout the world to use their political leadership and their capacities to solve all the conflicts through dialogue and peaceful means.

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