CCN : Bárcenas case proves Spanish businessmen bribe government cronies.


Cercle Català de Negocis claims the Spanish model is a burden and that new Catalonia should be built on the basis of preventing corruption filling the accounts of a few.

Barcelona. The Cercle Català de Negocis (CCN) believes the Bárcenas case and the “ridiculous justifications” wielded by the president of the Spanish Senate, bear out what the pro-independence Catalan business association has been claiming for five years, that the State “is controlled by an oligarchy of companies living off official concessions [that the CCN calls the “BOE (the Spanish equivalent of The Hansard) companies”], which are enriched based on useless investment contracts they obtain through political cronies”.

“While a few fill their pockets”, CCN says, “Spain is sinking, pensioners are impoverished, small and medium companies shut down and public employees have their wages cut.” The CCN bluntly states that “we have lost a generation.” To prevent losing a second the Cercle urges Catalans -civil society and political class- to “go and build a new country”. However, they warn that this new country “should have specific laws to prevent corruption and to promote the Catalan business network”. They recall that 99.6% of Catalan companies are small and medium businesses that need specific legislation and policy, Nothing to do with the current Spanish economic model, which basically focuses on large firms growing under the shadow of public administration.

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