Alfred Bosch letter to Fabian Picardo


Most distinguished Chief Minister Fabian Picardo,

Please acknowledge our sympathy following the situation of crisis forced upon the Gibraltarian people.

We most sincerely regret the improper bullying and harassment which the Spanish government is applying on the citizens whom you democratically represent, and also upon many affected Spanish workers and neighbours, in order to divert attention from its own internal political and financial scandals. 

The voters I represent, and surely many others, will certainly share deep feelings of friendship and solidarity with Gibraltarians and deplore the methods used by Spanish  power. We are convinced that the only solution to the issue of the Rock, as with the issue of Catalonia, is through dialogue, suffrage and the principle of self-determination. No question should be handled without consulting the people concerned.

Your freedom is our freedom. Most cordially yours,

Alfred Bosch, Diputat / MP
Portaveu / Leader ERC/RCat/CatSí
Congrés Espanyol / Spanish Congress



This letter, addressed by Mr. Alfred Bosch, member of the Spanish Parliament for ERC-RCat to Mr. Fabian Picardo, Chief Minister of Gibraltar has had international resonance.

Several media have remarked Catalan independantism has joined sides with Gibraltar in this crisis, among them:

Financial Times: Catalan separatists express solidarity with Gibraltar

The Independent: Gibraltar row: Catalonia accuses Madrid of bullying Gibraltarians

Le Figaro: Gibraltar:des Catalans solidaires de la GB

Reuters: Catalan separatists side with Gibraltar against Spain

Le Monde: Les indépendantistes catalans solidaires avec Gibraltar

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