Gibraltar: Britain mulls ‘unprecedented’ legal action against Spain

EuropeanCourtJusticeDavid Cameron looks to European courts to help revoke increased border controls, but Spain says it will not back down.

David Cameron is looking at options for unprecedented legal action against Spain over the imposition of “politically motivated and disproportionate” border checks with Gibraltar, Downing Street has said.

It follows Madrid’s decision to increase border controls at the Spanish border, which have led to delays of several hours for those travelling to and from the British overseas territory.

The move was greeted with disdain in Madrid, where the foreign minister said Spain would not back down on the border controls, which it regarded as proportionate.

Downing Street is examining options through the European courts which will force the Spanish government to stop hindering the free movement of people across the border with Gibraltar, the prime minister’s spokesman said.

“The prime minister is disappointed by the failure of the Spanish to remove the additional border checks this weekend and we are now considering what legal action is open to us.”

“This would be an unprecedented step and so we would want to make [any decision] carefully before making the decision.”

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