Hold hands with Catalonia


Catalonia has become well known for its large scale and imaginative demonstrations in favour of independence, last year over 1.5 million took to the streets of Barcelona on September 11 to celebrate Catalonia’s national day and to call for a Catalan state.

This year on September 11, known as La Diada in Catalonia, pro-independence activists hope to go one better by organising a human chain stretching the entire length of the country from the French border to the Ebro to express popular support for an independent Catalonia.

The Catalan event is inspired by the Baltic Way, an event held in the Baltic States on August 23 1989, when 2 million Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians held hands in a human chain spanning over 600 kilometres (370 mi) from Tallinn to Vilnius to demand independence from the Soviet Union. The human chain helped to publicise the cause of Baltic independence around the world, and symbolised solidarity amongst the Baltic peoples.

Organised by the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC, Catalan National Assembly) the Catalan Way is already on course to attract sufficient support in order to cover the entire 250 mile distance without breaks in the chain. The human chain will follow a route through 86 Catalan towns and villages, from El PenĂşs on the French border in the north, to Alcanar, the most southernly town in Catalonia.

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