Why do Catalans Want Independence from Spain?

CatInCageCultural Differences: Despite having been forcibly held by Spain for 300 years, Catalonia’s culture is very different than that of the rest of Spain, in ways both old and new.

Taxes: Spain uses Catalonia like an ATM, over-taxing the Catalans and spending much of their money in ways that don’t benefit Catalonia or its people.

Lack of Self-Government: Catalonia was taken by force in 1713 and has since been forcibly held by a series of corrupt, violent, and oppressive Spanish governments. Nevertheless, Catalonia attempted for many years to negotiate a self-government solution with Spain, where Catalonia would enjoy many of the rights that the States of the US take for granted.

Lack of Respect: If Spain respected Catalonia, it would allow the Catalan people to decide whether or not they wish to remain in Spain.

Read @ Americans for Catalonia

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