A tough but worthy road towards Catalonian independence


Having spent the last week in Catalonia, I am struck both by the difficulty of the task ahead for their independence movement, yet also the fierce determination of Catalans to see it through and chart their own destiny.

The Spanish government has steadfastly refused to engage with the Catalonian government over the referendum, citing as justification the ‘indivisibility’ clause of the Spanish constitution.

The 15-member ‘Advisory Council for the National Transition’ was constituted by the Catalan government to legally navigate the referendum process. The Spanish government does not consider them to be legitimate interlocutors, and refuses to negotiate with them over independence issues.

In the next month ‘The Consultation on the Political Future of Catalonia’ will be released, which outlines several scenarios for the independence referendum to be held in 2014.

Each legal scenario for independence is contingent upon how the Spanish government reacts, but as a last resort the Catalans are prepared to call a Parliamentary election to confirm support and issue a unilateral declaration of independence.

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