No-campaign caught peddling contradictory messages on Scottish oil and gas


The anti-independence campaign has been accused of treating the public like fools over Scottish oil and gas, and sending contradictory messages to different audiences.

When giving interviews for oil and gas industry publications, Westminster paints a glowing picture of the future of the North Sea, in stark contrast to the doom and gloom the anti-independence parties present to the public in Scotland, the SNP has said.

The accusation comes after a UK government minister, the energy secretary Michael Fallon, praised the strength and long term future of the sector – putting him at odds with anti-independence colleagues in Scotland who have maintained a relentless negativity on the issue.

UK Energy Minister Michael Fallon has said that the offshore sector was on course to smash last year’s total thanks to multibillion-pound projects which will extend the life of the industry for decades to come.

Describing claims that the sector was in decline as “exaggerated”, Mr Fallon praised the more than £14billion to be invested in UK oil and gas developments this year, up from the £11.8billion invested in 2012. The minister added that the record investment would assure the future of the sector for decades.

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