FINA : Thank you Barcelona! See you in Kazan!


Shortly after the conclusion of the swimming finals, the Closing Ceremony of the 15th FINA World Championships gathered all the flags of the 180 participating countries in Barcelona (ESP), while the FINA flag was officially given to the city of Kazan (RUS), the next organiser of FINA’s major event in 2015.

“We come to the end of a great Aquatic Festival here in Barcelona! During two weeks, our best athletes performed at the highest level with remarkable results. My sincere thank you to all of them! The venues, the Host Broadcaster, the spectators, the organisation and the hosts’ hospitality were amazing”, said FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione. “The 15th FINA World Championships has increased the importance and value of all our aquatic disciplines and FINA brand gained more exposure and prestige. I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all Spanish and Catalan authorities, to the Organising Committee Barcelona 2013, to the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation, and to the volunteers for their contribution, support and excellence in staging these 15th FINA World Championships here in Barcelona. These Championships were unforgettable!” added Dr. Maglione.

The Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias then officially closed the 15th edition of the FINA World Championships. “During these days, our city became the world aquatic capital and showed to everyone its open character, its organisational capacity and its passion for Sport”, declared Mr. Trias.

After receiving the FINA flag from Dr. Maglione, the Mayor of Kazan, Mr. Ilsur Metchin invited the entire Aquatic Family to visit his city in 2015. “We want to organise great World Championships and we are putting everything in place to achieve it. We wait for all of you in two years’ time in Kazan!” said Mr. Metchin.

The ceremony concluded with a synchronised swimming, acrobatic and musical show, completed by a jet-ski exhibition in the pool!

Bye Barcelona, see you in Kazan!

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