Catalan Government advised to call the referendum on independence between August and December 2014


Advisory body says question should be “clear”, “yes-no” type · Report finds five current legal means to hold the referendum · If Spanish authorities block all ways, body advises a plebiscite election or even a unilateral declaration of independence.

An advisory body has told the Catalan Government that the best moment to call a referendum on Catalan independence spreads between late August and December 2014, taking into account the fact that it is desirable that the vote does not coincide with any other election. The recommendation also says that the question should be “clear” and the result should be “easy to implement”. In the light of this, the body advises to ask a “yes-no” question on whether citizens want Catalonia to become an independent state.

The Catalan Government received these recommendations yesterday from the Advisory Council for the National Transition (CATN, Catalan acronym), a body that was established in February 2013 with the aim of analyzing which legal means can be used to call a guarantee-based referendum. The CATN is mainly made up of university professors.

The two main parties of the Catalan Parliament (centre-right Convergence and Union, CiU, and centre-left Republican Left, ERC) agreed in December 2012 to hold a referendum in 2014. Ecosocialist Initiative for Catalonia (ICV) and democratic socialist Popular Unity Candidates (CUP) also back the holding of a referendum. Those four parties hold 87 out of 135 seats in the Catalan Parliament. On the other hand, centre-left Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC) says the referendum should only be held if the Spanish authorities agree to. Spanish nationalist Popular Party (PP) and Citizens (C’s) reject the referendum.

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One Response to Catalan Government advised to call the referendum on independence between August and December 2014

  1. I hope the pro-independence movement in Catalonia decide to hold their referendum a few days before the Scottish independence referendum in Sept. 2104, and that both countries get a positive outcome. Although our situations are different in many ways, Spanish unionists and the regressive government in Madrid, should be under no illusions about the reaction of the international community if they try to stop the democratically expressed will of the Catalan people. We will not tolerate any moves by Madrid to ban the referendum, or to prevent independence being declared following a Yes vote.

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