‘Marca España’ Deputy Director sacked after insulting Catalans on Twitter


The Deputy Director of ‘Marca España’, a publicly funded organisation aimed at improving the image of Spain domestically and abroad, has been sacked after insulting Catalans on Twitter. Juan Carlos Gafo reacted angrily on social media sites last week after the Spanish anthem was booed during the opening night of the Barcelona 2013 FINA Championship. “F*** Catalans. They do not deserve anything at all”, he wrote.

His comments were quickly picked up by other Twitter users, and caused outcry in Catalonia. He tried to justify them by saying he had “nothing against Catalonia or Catalans” but was just “mad” at the booing of the Spanish anthem. “I would never boo the Catalan anthem”, he said. However, he was ultimately forced to resign after the Spanish minister in charge of ‘Marca España’, José Manuel García-Margallo, saw the tweets.

Read  @ Agència Catalana de Notícies

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