Americans for Catalonia

AmericansForCataloniaAmericans supporting peace, freedom, dignity and democratic rule in Catalonia.

Americans for Catalonia is a reference page and meeting point for Americans who support peace, freedom, dignity, and democratic rule in Catalonia.

Our mission

We’re making contact with Americans who support Catalonia. On occasion, we will ask our U.S. citizen friends to contact their representatives in Washington to spread positive messages about Catalonia. We’ll give suggestions on how to do this – it’s really not difficult.

Our goal is to get the United States government to support peace, tolerance, and democracy in Catalonia, and to understand the legitimate claims of the Catalan people.

Should violence be contemplated by the Spanish Government against Catalonia, we will push hard to have the U.S. convince Spain, it’s NATO ally, that such violence would be counterproductive and wrong.

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