Is September 14 Catalonia’s best day for a referendum?

Sep14Analysis of the factors that point to a referendum between Catalonia’s National Day on Sept 11, 2014 and the Scottish Referendum to be held on September 18, 2014

The big unknown about the process towards independence these days is the actual date of the referendum. There are many more issues on the table, like the question itself and the format of the referendum. But what seems to be on everyone’s mind at this moment is just when this all-important step will be taken towards the independence of Catalonia. The legislative agreement between CiU and ERC establishes that it must happen during 2014. An analysis of the current situation and the political, social, and economic variables point to having the referendum on September 14.

The specific date will be announced, according to the commitment made by CiU and ERC by the end of the year. The factors that might be taken into account when deciding on one date or another are the subject of this VilaWeb report: The seven determining factors for the date of the referendum on independence. The factors analyzed at that time were the date of the Scottish referendum (September 18, 2014), the EU elections (May 22 and 25), the budget and deficit ceiling, pressure from the community, an aggressive reaction from the Spanish, the possible economic collapse of the Government, and the World Cup in Brazil (June and July).

September 14—on the table

All of these factors are still valid and will surely influence setting the date. But as the process moves a long, there is one date that stands out in conversations across party and civic organization lines. September 14 has a number of virtues that might just make it the best day.

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