The Gartner Hype Cycle of Catalan Independence


Ever since the unexpected results of the Parliamentary elections in November last year, there has been a decided change in the atmosphere around Catalan independence. Even though it was obvious that some Madrid exultations that the sovereignty question was over in November were clearly premature, it is also undeniable that the euphoria felt in Catalonia during the previous two months was dealt a severe blow, and which to date has only just begun to recover.

Indeed, I note a stubborn pessimism and anxiousness in newspaper articles, and on both Facebook and Twitter. “We’re in a hurry,” say many, in the words of former ERC president, Heribert Barrera. “Has the process stalled? Should we just declare our independence unilaterally?” ask others. At a recent presentation of What’s up with Catalonia? in New York, a woman stood up, explained she was born in 1933, and had persevered through the Franco era, and that she was determined to live long enough to see Catalan independence. But she said it with tears in her eyes.

I’m a technology writer, so perhaps it’s not unusual that the remarkable series of events of the last few years, from the Constitutional Court ruling in 2010 to the constitution of a Parliamentary Referendum Committee last week has reminded me of a certain rhythm in the technology world: the Gartner Hype Cycle.

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