In Catalonia, the struggle for independence resumes abroad

Bokova_MasArtur Mas, president of Generalitat de Catalunya, went to Paris on June 3, 2013 to sign a new cooperation agreement with UNESCO. This new agreement gives Catalonia new competences within the organization and will enable the regional government of Catalonia to send its own representatives to UNESCO, separately from the Spanish delegation.

This new event, which may seem insignificant, caused a stir in Spain given the ongoing tension between the central government of Spain and the regional government of Catalonia. Madrid sees this as a renewed offensive from Mas and the Catalan population as the regional government of Catalonia has kept on asking for a referendum on independence, and has launched several operations aimed at setting the stage for the possible establishment of a sovereign, independent state.

Artur Mas is downplaying this event and justifies himself arguing that this new agreement has nothing to do with the independence process. He even goes further claiming that the agreement is not enough and that if Catalonia had the same status as Quebec, UNESCO would have accepted a standing delegation for Catalonia.

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