Castellers de Vilafranca at Concert per la Llibertat

Castellers de Vilafranca, popularly known as Els Verds (The Greens), perform a 3 de 9 amb folre at Concert per la Llibertat.

This is a human tower consisting of 9 stages having 3 people each (excepting the topmost 3, which have 2,1,1) . Plain towers always include a dedicated group of 50+ -la pinya (the pinecone)- at ground level to provide extra support to the first layer. In the present case the large size of the tower requires a second layer on top of the first -el folre (the lining)- . For the tower to be considered built (carregat) the lightest and often youngest member of the team -l’enxaneta- has to reach its top and raise her hand -fer l’aleta-. Taking the tower apart (descarregar) without collapsing (fer llenya) is a bonus.


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