We must carry on


Source: La Veu de Reagrupament n. 26 (June, 2013)

Author: Joan Carretero

Photo: J.L. Gonzàlez

“We need parties who want freedom for the Catalan people to work hand in hand and leave for later their partisan interests”

carretero100According to CiU and ERC  legislature agreement, on June 30th  Catalan government should have requested permission from the Spanish Government to carry out the referendum. Anyone with a minimal sense of logic interprets this means having adopted a clear question and a date. It is obvious that by Mid June there is neither a question approved nor a date.

It seems that the President of the Catalan Government considers done the petition process to the Spanish Government to permit consultation of the people of Catalonia about the future they want. This is, excuse me Mr. President, a very distasteful joke. We need a government approval and a subsequent absolute majority in Parliament to raise the issue and its timing, before asking permission from Madrid.

Furthermore, we hear again, with great disappointment, that, in any case, it would be a non-binding consultation. I think a country can not be stressed, to an extent difficult for most people to bear, to conclude by saying that it was not a serious move. Once again the lack of ambition and poor tacticism of political “leaders” of Catalonia can pour a big disappointment on citizens. President Mas entered the trap of November 25th elections and every day, he is deeper in his solitude. The Opposition Leader, and at the same time government partner, is happy watching the government bleeding, with the aim of overtaking it and, we can assume, leading a bankrupt and exhausted autonomous community.We need parties who want freedom for the Catalan people to work hand in hand and leave for a later their partisan interests. We need joint action and generosity. I repeat, again, that no Spanish government, absolutely none, will ever accept to recognize Catalonia as a political entity, as a nation that can decide its own destiny. It is, therefore, from this absolute certainty that we must insist on the fact that only a sovereignty act of the Parliament of Catalonia, fully democratic, can start a process that will lead to the right to decide, namely, the right of self-determination, and ultimately, freedom.

(Translation: EM)

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