Salvador Espriu: one of the greatest Catalan writers of the 20th century


Salvador Espriu (1913-1985) was a playwright, novelist and, above all, poet. He is considered one of the most important and relevant authors of Catalan literature although he has not always been well recognised and well understood. 2013 has been designated as ‘Any Espriu’ (Espriu Year) on the occasion of the first century of his birth, in 1913. The main proposals of this commemorative year are to spread his figure and to impulse a rereading of his work. Espriu left an extensive literary legacy characterized by his deep words and reflections on death, pain and personal identity. His work is founded in Cabalism and Jewish traditions, something which makes him so singular and unique in Catalan literature. He is also considered one of the leading postwar Catalan authors and remembered as one of the national poets of Catalonia.

Some of his quotes have become mottos; ‘We shall be forever faithful to this people’ is one of these. It appears in his poem Beginning of the canticle in the temple, one of the most popular works by the author. Salvador Espriu was an intellectual and a writer compromised with his nation and his language, Catalan. He used sober words impregnated with metaphysics so creating a personal and symbolic literature, between lyricism and satire. Over time and with the current situation in Catalonia, his words have also adopted a more political and social resonance.

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