Call for generosity and unity, Carandell


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Rcat’s Deputy President Ruth Carandell calls for generosity and unity among political parties,  also sees the unilateral declaration of independence as unavoidable.

Assemblea_RutCarandell3rd. Debate “Critical chronicles on the path to independence”
Ruth Carandell, calls for generosity and unity among political parties , nevertheless considers any vote on Catalan independence as difficult, therefore to exercise their right to sovereignty, considers unilateral declaration of independence by the Parliament of Catalonia as unavoidable. Carandell made these statements in the third debate “Critical chronicles on the path to independence” which took place on May 23rd.
Besides Carandell, the debate was attended by Agusti Colomines (former head of the CatDem Foundation), Ramon Carner (Chairman of the Catalan Business Circle) and Salvador Garcia-Ruiz (author of Catalonia Last Call: Proposals for Catalonia to Take-off), Xavier Pujol Garcia conducting the debate.
All participants agreed that the Catalan independence process is now in an impasse waiting for  the Parliament to act, yet some of the speakers were more optimistic than others about the prospects for development.
Colomines, for instance, believes that there is no parliamentary majority in favor of independence, so nothing happens and parties take tactical attitudes.  Carner, meanwhile, saw a very positive reaction from the people and was critical of the media that are most on the side of Spain. For Garcia, there is a danger of people’s fatigue if Parliament only talks about independence, because, according to him, there are many improvements that can be now done. However, they all welcomed the advances in the process although it is not yet outlined.
Participants evaluated last November’s election results and agreed that the elections weakened Mas ability to lead the process. For Colomines poor performance came from the fact that CiU did not win new voters. Carandell pointed the economic crisis, budget cuts and strong pro Spanish media campaign against the CiU candidate.
Perhaps the subject for more heated debate was the assessment of the performance by ERC (Catalan Republican Left). There were diverse opinions, Colomines, admitted being unnerved by tactical positioning by ERC, to him, it only seeks to win the next regional elections and therefore does not approve budget even if it can weaken Mas. Salvador Garcia was pleased  with Junqueras, ERC’s boss, becoming opposition leader. Carandell, meanwhile, said ERC should better had entered in a coalition government with Mas to achieve a stronger position for the consultation to take place and to strengthen Mas internally in his own party federation.
Finally, the subject for debate was whether or not there is fatigue among people. Agusti Colomines believe that participants of the 11th September demonstration are demobilized and everything is very difficult unless new proposals are issued. Carandell, however, believes that people are waiting to see the work of politicians before mobilizing again. Garcia believes that people cannot and should not be permanently mobilized and questioned the efficacy of certain citizen mobilizations. Ramon Carner, meanwhile, detects a big boost on the street and is optimistic, because nothing will be the same.
As whole, all participants agreed to continue working to increase the majority, ask for unity and push for a clear leadership which allows for the process to advance.

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