A Future for Catalans outside Spain


It has become a recurring theme for Spanish politicians and opinion makers to admonish Catalans about the ills they would bring upon themselves if their nation were to follow the path of independence. That would mean cutting themselves off not only from Spain but also from Europe and the world, it is claimed. And it would plunge them into an economic slough of unfathomable depth and indefinite duration – all trade with Spain would be terminated, the new country would be expelled from the EU and prevented from using the euro, Catalan businesses would be shut out of credit markets, causing many to go under, workers would be laid off by the thousands, the administration would come to a halt, pensioners would stop getting their checks and essential public services would be discontinued for lack of funds.

Spain is right to be worried about the prospect of losing its major cash cow, and it is only natural that, among other devices, it would turn to a strategy of fear in an attempt to make Catalans think twice about choosing to secede. But this line has also been picked up and repeated in the international press – surprisingly, since one would think that by now foreign observers should be disinclined to take at face value anything coming from Spanish sources. All the more so on this matter, because no serious arguments have been presented to support those predictions of ruin, not by anyone in Spain and certainly not by independent experts. On the contrary, all reliable analyses produced so far tend to indicate that the benefits for Catalonia of breaking free from the present destructive political arrangement would far outweigh the uncertainties of a transitional period.*

This is also consistent with the intuitive conviction shared by many Catalans that they’d probably be better off on their own. For one thing, the calamities that are said to be in store for their independent country sound a lot like what they are already experiencing today as a Spanish province. And most of them would only come about as a result of hostile actions by Spain.

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