Catalan MEP challenges Spain’s veto claims


Some MEPs had suggested an independent Scotland could face obstacles over entry to the EU in the shape of Spain and France – but Catalan nationalist Ramon Tremosa believes such moves will not be successful.

A Catalan nationalist MEP has challenged claims by a European Parliament vice-president that Spain could veto an independent Scotland’s membership of the European Union.

Ramon Tremosa, of the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia party, suggested Spain could try to block Scotland’s membership to quell separatist ambitions from the Catalans and the Basques but it would not be successful.

European Parliament vice-president Alejo Vidal-Quadras has said France and Spain “will surely not” accept an independent Scotland into the EU.

Mr Vidal-Quadras, an MEP from Catalonia who opposes the region’s independence from Spain, also suggested that police would confiscate ballot boxes if Catalonia holds its own “criminal” referendum.

Mr Tremosa said Mr Vidal-Quadras is unpopular in his own party, is destined for defeat in next year’s MEP elections and does not speak for the European Parliament.

There would be uproar from the international community if Spanish police confiscate Catalan ballot boxes, Mr Tremosa said.

“Oxford University professor Graham Avery, a former director general of the European Commission, said there would be a fast track for Scotland to negotiate from inside the EU. Scotland is not Turkey. As a pragmatic union, the EU dealt with the unification of Germany in one week,” Mr Tremosa said.

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