Cameron lectures Rajoy on the right to self-determination for Catalonia


At an international meeting with more than one hundred fifty media present, UK Prime Minister David Cameron lectured the Spanish government on the respect for the will of the Catalan people for self-determination. According to Catalan news radio Catalunya Informació, he said he did not think it was good to ignore the impulse of a people and a government to decide their future.

He said this indirectly without mentioning Catalonia, but referred explicitly to the Prime Minister of Spain and thus clearly referred to the Catalan case. Cameron said that he was not one to tell Rajoy what to do, but he did not consider that the Spanish approach to the case was best.

Mr. Cameron said “I don’t believe that, in the end, that [it’s right to] try to ignore these questions of nationality, independence, identity. I think it’s right to make your argument, take them on and then you let the people decide. But that’s the way I want to do things in the United Kingdom. I would never presume to tell people in Spain how to meet these challenges themselves. It’s a matter for the Spanish government and the Spanish Prime Minister.”

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